Monday, August 23, 2010

Documenting Social Injustice is a boot camp for media activists-designed for newbies and seasoned agitators alike-we will:

  • Watch and discuss different activist documentaries and media, asking when and why they're successful (or not)
  • Create compelling videos, artwork and media in a collaborative exchange of skills; writing, editing, photography, interviewing, music, and spoken word—supported by solid research and a targeted outreach plan
  • Use the web and social media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more) to get our messages out to the right audience at the right time, whether it's a local or global concern
  • Partner with advocacy groups and classmates to create awareness and get people moving
  • We invite you to stop by often, comment, share your insights and suggest ways we can create more effective activist media—to create change.

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