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Video: Sheffield Doc/Fest: the great documentary debate

Video: Sheffield Doc/Fest: the great documentary debate.

Helpful suggestion From Brooke!

I Found Something Cool that can Help Others Out with Posting Videos

Ok, so as I promised, I posted a blog about how to upload videos easily to your blog.  However, I am well aware that I only posted instructions on how to upload videos from Youtube and Vimeo.  I felt that this was informative, but not satisfying all needs.  So, I continued to look for ways to post videos and what I stumbled upon was a great discovery.
Vodpod it’s called.  There is actually a widget on WordPress that you can add to your sidebar.  However, Vodpod is also helpful for posting videos straight to your blog posts.  Simply go to and sign up for an account.  It is free and easy.  Username/Password. Done and done.
Now to make things even simpler click on this link
At this site you will find a button that says “post to wordpress.”
It looks like thisPost to WordPressDrag this button into the toolbar of your browser.
So far, I am only positive that this works with Firefox… I have not tried it with any other browser.  So, from now on in your toolbar you will have an icon that says “Post to WordPress.”
When you go to a website and find a video that you enjoy and would like to post it to your blog, simply click on that icon and a box will come up prompting you to type in your blog information.
The Box looks like this:
WordPress Blog Details
save my info  (privacy)
Post Details

comma separated
Type in your information and make sure that a preview of your video is showing up on the side  and then click the button.
Check your wordpress to make sure everything posted correctly and you should be Good To Go!!! :) :)
I hope this was very useful to everyone!   Enjoy!!!