Monday, October 3, 2011

Watch and comment

Write 100 words or one page:

  • How and why does this film touch, move or inspire you?
  • How does it express, record, reveal or preserve?
  • How does it persuade or promote?


  1. This is very moving, because it’s cool to see young african american kids learning to play instruments, and getting to experience and great guidance in music and band lessons.
    Youth from the city need more safe places to go, and programs to keep them busy, educated, and most of all out of trouble. It promotes a non-profit that needs support, and it’s persuasive because you can see the passion in youth’s eyes.
    This program is definitely changing the lives of these children, and keeping them safe. This is a great non-profit organization, and will help the inner city youths and their communities out lot. Kids need other people to look up to,positive events to look forward to, and things to inspire them.