Monday, January 28, 2013

Watch the following video by artist, Anida Yoeu Ali.

Write 100 words or one page:
  • How and why does this film touch, move or inspire you?
  • How does it express, record, reveal or preserve?
  • How does it persuade or promote?
  • Relate your responses to the current "Islamophobia" issues being discussed (or ignored) by "Mainstream Media."


  1. 1700% Project: Mistaken For Muslim
    Mistaken For Muslim moved me because of the expressive audio. As in the opening with a sound of a drum overlapping with news as screen text presents historical facts. Immediately my attention was grasped through the audio even before interesting visuals appeared. The film reveals issues in a direct and non-direct way. Visual cues are presented in a non-direct way including the orange jumpsuit of the speaker. This jumpsuit may have been a metaphor for the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. Some believe Guantanamo Bay exists due to "Islamophobia" in America. It persuades the viewer to support the 1700% Project. Also, for me the piece allowed me to see you always need to think about a situation more than one way. It is essential to not get locked into perceived notions when the phrase “look what you have done to my people” was used in a different way. If only those fears of the “other” could be suppressed, then terrible situations could be averted.

  2. This is an amazing video. I was left speechless. I enjoyed the images and the message the creator intended to put out there!
    Video by artist: Anida Yoeu Ali.
    1. How and why does this film touch, move or inspire you?
    This video shows an abundance of emotion. The artist’s words, camera positions, and
    angles exuberate a sense of urgency that is not only seen, but also felt.
    2. How does it express, record, reveal or preserve?
    The video expresses reveal through voice. The artists voice is so real and raw that it
    automatically demands your attention. I do feel the artist believes we must stop the madness
    and preserve life instead of taking it. Judging of others because of the actions of hate is
    3. How does it persuade or promote?
    This video has the power to persuade individuals, because of its powerful message. The video
    promotes peace and unity. The artist is telling us violence and hate is a parasite that should
    not live amongst us. We are one human race that should embrace one another.
    4. Relate your responses to the current "Islamophobia" issues being discussed (or
    ignored) by "Mainstream Media."
    The current “Islamophobia” issues according to Olgamischenko is one of the major
    challenges in the world we live in today. “In recent years, this phenomenon has assumed
    serious proportions and has become a major cause of concern for the Muslim world”
    Olgamischenko. Due to this travesty Muslims are being stereotyped as well as discriminated
    against to the point of serious harm and even death. The artist Anida Yoeu Ali did an amazing
    job showing this social injustice issue that plaques us. I was able to really understand her
    strong message.

  3. Mistaken for Muslim was the most unique documentary that I’ve ever seen. The man painted white, with dark eyes, made me uncomfortable and I immediately thought evil. Then in hit me that that’s what the producer was trying to relay. Hate is evil, and so is racism. The tenseness of her voice carried the tone of this piece, and the visuals heightened the emotion. The music, the colors, the quick shots, had me so involved with each scene that I couldn’t look away. I don’t know what the tree in the opening scene does for me, but I think it stands for something, so it makes me wonder. “Back up,” the phrase used like a verbal rewind was brilliant, and aided in keeping my attention. Her face when she says, “Look what you people have done,” evoked anger and sympathy in me at the same time. I hope I can create on this level one day.

  4. The way that this video expresses is point is extremely effective because of its combination of factual statements told in an artistic way. Hearing just the police reports read in a cold, objective way would not provoke the same sort of emotional hurt and rage. The young woman’s voice brings a passion to her anger about the ignorance and Islamophobia facing the United States.
    The first thing that still disturbs me the most about this video was the exclamation by one of the perpetrators that “America is only for the white.” That statement makes my stomach churn and goes against everything I’ve been taught since grade school. It also defies any and all basic American history. I also had a feelings of shame towards being an American. I’ve never understood the whole “proud to be an American” statement as it’s not something I chose; I simply got lucky. I would think I’m much more “thankful” to be an American, which solicits it’s own sense of guilt and entitlement.