Tuesday, September 10, 2013

  • Why was it made and what is it trying to make us feel, learn or do?
  • How does the graphics style and sound affect the mood and feeling of the media example?
  • How does it accomplish what it sets out to do?
  • Is it done in a way that fits the subject and goals?


  1. This documentary was made with the purpose of ending the racism and torture by the Chicago police to minority groups. It makes us feel the feeling of wanting to change this and fight for justice. The shots, cuts and pacing are a little slow but intense, what makes us focus on the meaning. The message is clear, but this is definitely a delicate topic, and it is hard to make this change forever. In my opinion, the goal shouldn't be only to focus in one officer because his detention of only 4 years doesn't make any change.

  2. I agree with Priscilla, and have to say that this topic is very delicate but definitely needs the attention of the government. The training process of cops should include the lessons to treat everyone equally and end racism. There should be a special oath to be taken by cops to end this. This type of torture is inhumane and shows others around the world, that in a civilized country like America, things like these happen. The goal should be to end racism and to end the use of inhumane actions. There should be limits set by the government of punishment. If this topic is brought to the main stream media, it will find a solution.