Saturday, October 5, 2013

  • Why was it made and what is it trying to make us feel, learn or do?
  • How does the graphics style and sound affect the mood and feeling of the media example?
  • How does it accomplish what it sets out to do?
  • Is it done in a way that fits the subject and goals?


  1. I really like this. The style in which it was shot keeps the material honest and seems genuine. It was very touching and enlightening. A rare and moving opportunity to hear a perspective that is foreign to most of us.

  2. I really like this video. The main reason why I think it was made, was for us to be more aware of what homeless people go through on daily basis. The video made me feel very sympathetic towards there situation. The graphics within the video had low lighting and sad music which gave it more of a darker tone/mood. Using a the darker tone makes the viewer really pay attention to the message. I feel like this video fits well with the subjects within the video.