Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Compare and comment on these three mashups below:
  • Why was it made and what is it trying to make us feel, learn or do?
  • How does the shooting style, sound, editing affect the mood and feeling of each video?
  • Does it accomplish what it sets out to do?
  • Is it done in a way that fits the subject and goals?
  • Are there ways each could be improved?
Video  mashup by Sami Ben Gharbiais about the ban of Flickr, the popular and one of the best online photo-sharing website, in Tunisia since April 28th, 2010. The clip is inspired by Anthony Hopkins's film "Slipstream", especially with the little flash cuts in the scenes. The burning of the 'Mona Lisa' scene is from Kurt Wimmer's "Equilibrium" (2002).

Two Marriage Equality Mashup examples:


  1. Sami Ben Gharbiais’s mash up feels like a trailer for a horror film. The clips are quick and the sound effects are of a “screeching” noise. Both supply a creepy mood and feel. The most effective part for me is the use of the movie clip from “Equilibrium” depicting the burning of the Mona Lisa. The use of the clip suggests that the ban of Flickr use in Tunisia is the equivalent to burning pieces of art work.

    The next two mashups are about Marriage Equality. The first video features the Lady Gaga song “born this way” which makes it feel like a music video. It was interesting that they showed a clip of Hillary Clinton saying she doesn’t support gay marriage, then it cuts to present day and she says that she does now. Is she lying? or has she really changed her views? The detective clip shows how far we have come. Having a detective basically yelling at these kids that they better stop practicing the “gay” lifestyle shows just how far we have come as a society. There is still work to be done.I thought the editing was smooth and it presented some strong points with the clinton clips and macklemore at the end explaining why he wrote the song “Same Love”.

    The third and final mash up, which i consider my favorite, features the song “same love” by macklemore. The most effective part for me was the clips of the couples from movies and then real life. It shows how love can happen to anyone, no matter their sexual orientation. It should be embraced not taken away and looked down upon.

  2. Perhaps more obviously, the first one was made in response to the ban on flickr in Tunisia. And it lent insight toward what that meant for them and why it was important, since most people probably say "so?" once they hear about the ban. It is upsetting, cutting an entire nation off from a photo sharing website. One thing was I only understood it once I read the description. The visuals were powerful; burning the Mona Lisa really was clear and visible in communicating the message.

    The Lady gaga part threw me off with the second documentary. It was powerful to hear the archival/historical footage and uplifting to hear Obama. It was a strong mashup except the Lady Gaga part. It accomplishes what it meant but it had a big journalistic feel.

  3. The first mash-up about censorship was very interesting to me. It contained many startling images. Throughout the video I saw fire burning and I heard loud screams. I’m sure the video was very informative to others, but it was a bit much for me. I watched it several times, but I had a hard time understand the true meaning behind it. I think it can be improved by being a little simpler. I feel as if there was too much going on for such a short video.

    I really enjoyed the first marriage equality mash-up, because it shows the various lives a couple both gay and straight. Another interesting thing I saw in this video was Senator Hilary Clinton giving her opinion on same sex marriage. One clip shows her saying that she is not for same sex marriage, but she is for civil union. Another clips from years later shows Clinton saying that she is for same sex marriages. I think this just goes to show the progress of same sex marriage, and that people who where once against it are now starting to have a change of heart.

    I agree with the Daniel in regards to the last mash-up. The creator really made a strong point. Many Americans say that we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Are we really free if we are not equal? This really gave me something to think about. I feel like the Macklemore song “Same Love” was the perfect choice this mash-up. This video definitely accomplished what it was set out to do, which was build awareness for marriage equality and social injustice.

  4. "Censorship In Tunisia"

    -I loved the tagging towards the end of the video. This, representing mankind's power of art freedom in it's purest essence. It was said that Alexander the Great painted his name at the apex of one of the pyramids in Giza.
    -The latex clad of the faceless people burning the classical artwork in the hidden floor panel represents the institution's perversion of mankind's artistic freedom and creativity. With the advent of heightened technological uses, we have a more difficult time deciphering the real from the fake.

    "Marriage Equality"

    -I enjoyed seeing how two-face and manipulative our politicians are when discussing the "gay" issue". We label people with terms and this evolves into a dehumanizing outlook of our brothers and sisters.
    -Is Lady Gaga the self-proclaimed deity of everything "gay"?

    "No Freedom"

    -Why do we care about the judgment of others upon ourselves? We do not want to be hurt? America is bleeding, and loving only pain.