Tuesday, September 8, 2020

 Watch the following video by artist, Anida Yoeu Ali.

Write 100 words or one page:
  • How and why does this film touch, move or inspire you?
  • How does it express, record, reveal or preserve?
  • How does it persuade or promote?
  • Relate your responses to the current "Islamophobia" issues being discussed (or ignored) by "Mainstream Media." 
1700% Project: Mistaken for Muslim from Anida Yoeu Ali on Vimeo.

1 comment:

  1. Luke Silliman - Documenting Social Injustice
    1700% Project Response

    I loved how visceral watching this was. It primes the viewer with two hard facts to face. Reminding the viewer of USA’s history of xenophobia, colorism and violence. How in 1942 the USA government filled internment camps with Japanese, how after 9/11/2001 hate crimes against perceived Muslims went up 1700%. The short film hinges on the spoken word of woman who is being carried through the streets to a shallow grave. She recites the hate crimes of people who were assumed Muslim. This was completely gripping; her pained delivery wouldn’t let me look away. The films cutting between her spoken word poem the faces of ordinary people and one man, painted white in an entirely white room. These cross cuts make the viewer piece together the context of these images, and the poem being told. Forcing us to reflect on our own lives and how we have witnessed this hate, how American this hate is. With the 19th anniversary of 9/11 just being this last week it brought up a lot of these issues. One thing I kept seeing was people excusing the violence of Americans reaction and instead claiming that the aftermath of the attacks brought the USA together, when obviously it did not, but instead fueled America’s hate.