Flickr and iWeb Tutorials

Look at this Social Documentary Flickr site group showing powerful examples of work by documentary photographers.

You can submit your work to this site. 

  • In our class we will create a class Flickr group and we will examine photographs to better understand how to use good composition, exposure and color to capture compelling images. 
  • See student work from SP2010 semester here.
  • Create a free account with Flickr and follow the tutorial below to get started.
  • You will also be able to access Flickr images from a pool of free use photos-for use on your blog, but remember to always ask and give appropriate credit when using other people's images. 
  • Compelling photography can grab peoples interest to want to know more about the issue you're writing about. 
  • It is always best to work with your own photography or those of your team mates. Always carry a camera with you and be ready to shoot.
  • The best documentary photographers shoot hundreds of pictures at a time to get one or two great is cheap-find your story, frame up, focus, and engage!

Flickr Tutorial

Embedding Flickr Images in WordPress:

Ready to make a web site for your final project? 

Use this web building program to get your word out about your social justice cause; using compelling story telling with  polished writings, powerful images, video clips and graphics, challenge your audience to think differently.

iWeb Tutorial

Create your Web Site with the iWeb tutorial.

 or try Joomla! Joomla! Creating and Editing Custom Templates

Making beautiful websites with Joomla